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About the Responsible Entity (“RE”)

Folkestone Investment Management Limited (FIML) is the Responsible Entity of the Folkestone Education Trust and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Folkestone Limited.

Remuneration of the Responsible Entity

Remuneration of the Responsible Entity is dealt with comprehensively in the Trust’s Constitution. The Responsible Entity is entitled to a base management fee of 0.50% of the total tangible assets of the Trust and also entitled to reimbursement for all expenses reasonably and properly incurred in relation to the Trust or in performing its obligations under the Constitution. In addition, the Trust incurs external expenses in managing and administering its affairs.

Assuming a $10,000 investment, management costs for the year ending 30 June 2017 was $101.30 comprising base management fees of $72.58, cost recoveries of $8.78 and other fund expenses of $19.94.

For further information on Folkestone Limited, please visit: www.folkestone.com.au

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