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The Charter Hall Education Trust’s unit price is printed in most major Australian newspapers. Alternatively, prices can be sourced from this website or the ASX website www.asx.com.au.

The Charter Hall Education Trust is listed on the ASX, so you can buy units just like you would buy shares – through your stockbroker, financial adviser or an online broker.

The Charter Hall Education Trust is a Real Estate Investment Trust listed on the ASX. Managed Investments hold and manage a portfolio of assets on behalf of their investors and are bought and sold on the ASX in the same manner as shares.
The Charter Hall Education Trust is a trust, where investors own units. Distributions are passed through to investors in the year they are received and based on the underlying assets. The fund manager is separate from the security.

As the Charter Hall Education Trust is listed on the ASX, you do not use a prospectus to invest. You can simply buy or sell units in the Trust by contacting your stockbroker, financial adviser or an online broker.

Go to the Reports and Publications section of this webpage where they are available in electronic format.

Announcements made by the Trust to the ASX are available at the ASX Announcements section or can be viewed at the ASX website www.asx.com.au.

This can be requested by writing to the Unit Registry.

Dividends are paid to shareholders by companies out of their profits.
Distributions are paid to investors by trusts, such as the Charter Hall Education Trust. Distributions are usually made up of income for example, rental income and may also include a capital payment to investors, for example, if a property was sold.

Distributions for Charter Hall Education Trust are paid quarterly for the periods ending 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.

The Record Date is the date on which the Trust’s unit register is closed off to identify the Unitholders and to calculate any entitlement to the Trust’s current distribution. All change of address notifications, direct credit instructions, TFN/ABN or exemption notification instructions election forms must be incorporated into the unit register by 5.00pm on the Record Date to apply for the Trust’s current distribution.

The Ex-distribution Date is the date on which units change from being quoted ‘cum’ to ‘ex’. Units are usually quoted ex-distribution four business days before the Trust’s Record Date. Units sold ex-distribution entitle the seller (the previous owner) to receive the last declared distribution prior to the sale, rather than the purchaser.

For details of the most recent distribution history of the Charter Hall Education Trust go to the Investor Relations section of this webpage.

The Distribution Reinvestment Plan is currently active. The DRP can be a convenient way for investors to increase their holding in the Trust by reinvesting all or some of the distributions in additional Trust units. By participating in the DRP investors will not incur any brokerage, commission or stamp duty. The DRP is not available to Unitholders outside Australia and New Zealand. Participation in the DRP is entirely optional. Investors may elect to:

  • Participate fully in the DRP and all of your distribution will be reinvested into new Trust units;
  • Participate partially in the DRP and the distribution on a specified number of the units will be reinvested in new Trust units. The distribution on the remaining units will be paid as a cash distribution; or
  • Not participate in the DRP and continue to receive cash distributions.

If you wish to obtain a printed copy of the Distribution Reinvestment Plan, please contact the unit registry Boardroom Pty Limited. To access the DRP form, please go to: https://educationtrust.folkestone.com.au/investor-center/distributions/distribution-reinvestment-plan/

To receive your distribution payments by direct credit into your bank or financial institution account, or to change previously advised account details, you must provide written advice to the Unit Registry. In some cases, this advice can be provided online. Please refer to the Unit Registry for more details.

To make changes to your investment details, written advice must be forwarded to the Unit Registry. In some cases, this advice can be provided online. Please refer to the Unit Registry for more details.

Advice of TFNs can be given in writing to the Unit Registry or lodged online via the Unit Registry’s website. You can download a TFN notification form from the Unit Registry’s website. You may choose not to provide your TFN, however if you do not provide your TFN your distribution will be taxed at the highest marginal rate.

Boardroom Pty Limited
Address: GPO Box 3993, Sydney, NSW, 2001
Telephone: 1300 737 760
Facsimile: 1300 653 459
Email: charterhall@boardroomlimited.com.au
Website: http://www.boardroomlimited.com.au/

A tax statement for the tax year to 30 June is mailed to all Unitholders who have held an investment in the Trust during that financial year. The tax statements are typically mailed out 6 – 8 weeks after 30 June each

The Trust is not required to hold an annual general meeting unless it chooses to do so. The manager issues announcements, reports and presentations that are available on this site from time to time.

Go to the Contact Us component of this web page or use the details below:

Charter Hall Social Infrastructure Limited
Telephone: +61 3 9903 6157
Email: enquiries@charterhall.com.au

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